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Since it is still winter I am posting some photos from Nancy & Luigi’s winter wedding. Lighting is so important, especially when the days are short. As a photographer your job is to harness the light. No

matter what the lighting conditions are and make the light look beautiful. Look how the subjects in the reception ballroom photos are lit. The light is soft and flattering; from the intimate moments to the more rowdy party ones. The longest part of your wedding day is the reception. It is just as important for those photos to look gorgeous as well. Make sure you hire a photographer who can make your reception hall look great!


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Long Island Wedding Photographers- Modern Wedding Photography’s New Blog

GeorgeDaisy Blog page 13x14.JPGLast month our new website went live and the positive feedback has been wonderful. This month we are announcing the release of our new blog. The photos will be larger and it has this great embedded blog slideshow feature.To see the blog show in action check out George & Daisy’s photos below. Please make sure you are using the latest version of your browser, (Internet Explorer or Mozilla for example). If not, you won’t be able to view all our new blog has to offer.

Daisy & George’s Wedding

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